OKAY, damn many bad things happened this month. skippppppppppp T^T

WELL WELL WELL and WELL, I extremely hope that the thing called luck will find back me when it/she/he ada masa lapang. amitofo lar. teeheeeee~

sama dengan everyone lor, will have exam soon.
I think got many things to read barh, I have no idea because I dont have the 范围 sad.
how to read physics algebra trigo addmath. AH DIU !
范围 I also dont know, damn.

haiz, I felt guilty after changed my seat in class, sry tan yee lyn ;(
and I damn takut about my math tuition wtf, god bless me plss.

done my recently life's summary. Its means nothing duh :3

and.... YAP HUI WEN ! 满意了吗? hoho ;P