OKAY, damn many bad things happened this month. skippppppppppp T^T

WELL WELL WELL and WELL, I extremely hope that the thing called luck will find back me when it/she/he ada masa lapang. amitofo lar. teeheeeee~

sama dengan everyone lor, will have exam soon.
I think got many things to read barh, I have no idea because I dont have the 范围 sad.
how to read physics algebra trigo addmath. AH DIU !
范围 I also dont know, damn.

haiz, I felt guilty after changed my seat in class, sry tan yee lyn ;(
and I damn takut about my math tuition wtf, god bless me plss.

done my recently life's summary. Its means nothing duh :3

and.... YAP HUI WEN ! 满意了吗? hoho ;P



新年快乐,大吉大利!!!!! 新年衣妈妈带我到nike随便买了几件,还有到crocs买一双白白的,就搞掂了,几随便下wor. 上课上到sibeh sien. 快点新年啦aduh. 新年前考试全部一起来不是开玩笑eh.小考罢了啦,随便咯,顺便安慰下自己因为我没读 :3 oh!!!! 还有那个sohai 英文老师讲我上课做自己的东西所以选我去参加speech,那些睡觉的不用紧的wor,拍拍手.
最近没有什么值得开心的事让我开心所以我没什么开心咯 ; (
一直在面子书上看video, 看到肚子痛.为什么世界上有那么多sohai做这些那么令人钦佩的video, clap clap clapss. =D

打了这篇后发现我的汉语拼音有够烂, haiz.

陈怡霖要走了,伤心哦.万事如意啦你 : )

哦! 我的电话留在uncle车上, 希望它安然无恙, 没有它在我身旁好不自在eh.



2010, happy new year.
isn't late okay? : )

one week over d, my class, it's unbalanced.
too many AIKSSSSSS sad.
I ask myself, regret? I do
The books are thick
The lesson are hard
The people in my class make me feel I am not normal.

没关系,习惯就好 HEHEEEEE

hmm,nescafe really help lots. but its fuck when I want to sleep in lapsap period.
okayyyyyyyyyyy. try not to keesiao : )

we used to be so fine.
how about now?